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Interview Preparation And Success Tips

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In “Interview Preparation and Success Tips”, you will discover:

  • The 20 tried and tested Do´s to succeed at every job interview
  • The 5 most important steps for successful interview preparation
  • How to make an exceptional first impression that no one will ever forget
  • Key tips for isolating your biggest strengths and how to show them to the interviewer
  • How to answer the 10 most common job interview questions
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult and unexpected questions
  • The 7 expert tips for making sure you don’t become tongue-tied
  • A guide to the special method that has helped countless graduates land their dream jobs
  • The 45 most common behavioral questions

And much, much more.


Interview Guide Book

Stand out at the job interview to land the coveted job: A

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In “Stand Out at the Job Interview to Land the Coveted Job,” you’ll discover:

  • Interview preparation checklist so you don't overlook anything critical
  • Detailed interview process and ways to approach each step
  • Core interview questions and how to answer them impactfully
  • How to design your resume to support your interviews
  • Different types of interviewers and how to effectively engage each
  • Strong and safe ways to make a positive impression and be remembered
  • Industry-specific interview advice
  • Pitfalls to avoid during the interview
  • Powerful body language techniques for making a good impression
  • Adapting your interview style to different types of interviews (e.g. group, social)


Interview Guide Book

Effective Interview Tips for Job Seekers:

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“Effective Interview Tips for Job Seekers” takes you through all the steps of the interview process, giving you best practices and what to look out for at each stage.

You’ll discover:

  • Outfits that surprisingly make a bad first impression
  • Knowing whether your behavior comes off as confident or as cocky
  • How to identify the players involved in the interview process and what each wants to hear
  • Which contacts make the best (and worst) references for you and why
  • How a particular response that’s a good answer in one interview can be totally wrong for another
  • Social media red flags to take care of before you start interviewing
  • 5 simple research tricks to demonstrate you understand the company’s needs and that you can deliver
  • Straight-forward and proven techniques for getting a higher salary during the offer negotiation
  • The best questions to ask to show your preparation and interest while getting useful information about the company and position


Interview Guide Book

How To Sell Yourself

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In How To Sell Yourself, you ́ll discover:

  • How changes in interview formats and process change what a successful interview looks like
  • The two communication skills that can score you easy points during an interview, but most people neglect to use
  • What you should absolutely NOT do at an interview
  • A comprehensive preparation guide that reliably strengthens your presentation
  • How different interview types require different approaches (and how to ace them all)
  • Running your job interview process like a business for great return on effort
  • Developing a confident and relaxed mindset that ensures you communicate powerfully and make a lasting impression


Interview Guide Book

How to Be Successful at Interviews

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  In “How to Be Successful at Interviews,” you ́ll discover:

  • What hiring managers and HR professionals want you to know and prepare before showing up
  • Preparing effectively and efficiently so you don't get bogged down or overlook anything critical
  • How to introduce yourself to make a strong first impression
  • Understanding the differences between traditional and competency-based interviews
  • Strategies and methodologies for impactfully answering the most frequently asked interview questions
  • How to handle tricky questions to avoid ruling yourself out as a candidate or limiting your upside potential (e.g. salary question)
  • Questions you should ask to demonstrate your preparation and qualities, while eliciting interesting information and discussion
  • How to do a detailed professional inventory and craft powerful stories about what you’ll bring to the role
  • Reading the interviewer and adopting your responses to ensure a favorable impression
  • Research methods to adequately understand the company and what’s expected of you