How important is it to pass an interview? Interviews are an integral part of the employment process or any process that involves promotion into another level. Sometimes, it is the most important part. It therefore follows that a good understanding of how to surmount interviews is necessary in the corporate world. Unfortunately, very few people […]
Job interviews can be overwhelming and how you perform on the real day will significantly determine if you will get hired for the job or not. You could have been the perfect candidate for the job position you were interviewed over the past week, but unfortunately, anxiety got the better of you and currently on […]
The job market is highly competitive and Ernest Enabulele, bestselling author, interview coach, motivational speaker and CV/Career Specialist, has drawn on his experience to create a series of books with interview tips and interview preparations that guarantee success at every job interview. Ernest’s experience spans nine years and he has assisted many talented professionals to […]
The economy gets tougher each day, and qualified job seekers are finding it more difficult than ever to get that promising position they are trained for. As an individual seeking to get their desired jobs in the competitive market of today, you need every inside track tip available to give you that needed competitive edge […]
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