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Ernest Enabulele is a  Best-selling author of "Interview Preparation And Success Tips" and "Effective Interview Tips" , interview coach, motivational speaker and CV/Career Specialist   based in London, England and brings an infectious enthusiasm and a tremendous nine years’ experience to his books.

His problem-solving persona has helped him see more possibilities of how he could be of help to those who look forward to acing an interview. After coming across several job applicants struggling to ace their interview, he innovated the series of books, ‘How To Be Successful At Interview’ in July 2018 and "Interview Preparation And Success Tips" in December 2018.

Having worked with people across multiple industries, in both private and public sectors, Ernest knows first-hand what it takes to get hired in a competitive job market — and would love to help job seekers do the same. Interestingly, his books not only include details of how to sell yourself at interviews but also provide samples, most likely traditional and competency based interview questions & answers to expect during interviews.

In his career years, he has successfully helped a range of job seekers get the jobs or promotions they desire. Now he wants to help you do the same. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals — he has worked with talented professionals from all over the world who succeeded in getting job offers in very competitive fields. 

Ernest is here to help you understand what your unique selling points are and what value you can bring to an organization. He has authored several books, many of which were written in conjunction with people currently serving in that particular field. 

His goal is to help job-seekers gain more opportunities and also expand the reach of their business. Therefore, his books are written from a desire to help job-seekers land the job of their dreams, achieve their goals. 

The ‘How To Be Successful At Interviews’ and Interview Preparation and Success Tips: A Detailed Guide on How to Answer Interview Questions and Bag That Dream Job series are inspiring and an excellent guide to interviews. It is his passion to help you be at ease, engaging, and confident when talking to others about your talents, skills, and qualifications.

His bestselling self-help books for job-seekers include: 

Interview Preparation and Success Tips: A Detailed Guide on How to Answer

Interview Questions and Bag That Dream Job!
How to Be Successful at Interviews: An In-Depth Guide on Interviewing, Answering Questions, and Putting Your Best Foot Forward


I coach individuals  to prepare for job and university interviews by helping them to unlock their confidence, build their enthusiasm,  secure an impact and then practise what they’ll say during the interview and more.

I have over 10 years experience of interview coaching for job candidates applying for  post within the public, private  sectors.


My clients have been successful with job offers or places at University  after booking interview coaching .


I can also coach over Skype or FaceTime or the Telephone if we can’t meet in person